Moon Phases & Medicine Wheels

Cycle/Phase Work


At the annual conference our community builds a Medicine Wheel each day and gathers around its sacred space. The Medicine Wheel is the center and the foundation of our work, as we learn to use the Eight Phases of the Moon and other information.


The concept of cycles or phases exists in countless numbers of ways, such as the 24-hour day, the 12-month calendar and the developmental stages of life, to name just a few. This knowledge has been used for thousands of years by farmers, fisherman and explorers. Many ancient traditions throughout recorded history have shown the association between humanity and the planets. Becoming aware of this process allows us to apply the inherent timing advantage that working with cycles and phases provides.


This material is a continuation of the works of Dane Rudhyar and Marc Robertson on the lunation cycle. Buz put his own edge to the work by bringing in the teachings of the "I Am" work, the Native American Medicine Wheel and other esoteric tools of learning, along with his personal observations and experience. He expanded the astrological basis of the material to include the Eastern principles of Yin and Yang, the Four Bodies of Man (Emotional, Instinctive, Feeling/Moving, and Intellectual) and the phase-related Age Arcs.


The book Getting 'On Time' with your Life, by Robert Kent Myers, along with his monthly "On Time Workshops", formed the basis of the cycles work taught at the annual conference.

The information presented focuses on the natural rhythm found within the solar and lunar cycles and patterns, while enhancing our understanding of the zodiacal signs and planetary aspects. This approach connects the inner world to the outer world, facilitating personal growth, expanded awareness and a balanced lifestyle.



The Eight Moon Phases


New Phase:
Beginning, projection, emergence - Clarity leading to Wisdom

Crescent Phase:
Expansion,growth,struggle, gathering, questions - Wisdom leading to Illumination

First Quarter Phase:
Action, expression, stepping out, breaking away - Growth leading to Trust

Gibbous Phase:
Analyze, prepare, digest, cleanse - Trust leading to Love

Full Phase:
Fulfillment, illumination, realization, shadow, relationship - Experience leading to Introspection

Disseminating Phase:
Demonstration, distribution, sharing, teaching & learning - Introspection leading to Strength

Last Quarter Phase:
Realignment, revision, reorientation, success, surrender - Cleansing leading to Renewal

Balsamic Phase:
Release, transformation, healing, compassion, forgiveness - Renewal leading to Purity



Medicine Wheel


The teachings of the Medicine Wheel help us to make a link between the human and natural worlds. It can help us to bridge the 'rift" that we have created in our forgetting that we are each a part of the Great Cosmic Wheel.


Each stone is laden with symbolism that reminds us of some Being of the animal, plant or stone nations. . . as well as the elements of fire, earth, air, water and the natural forces of the 7 directions. east, south, west, north, above, below and within. When we take the time to remember one component, in some sense we remember them all, for they are all connected, all part of the same larger Creation.


These teachings were brought forward by a Native American medicine man of Chippewa heritage, Sun Bear. The interpretation of the Wheel was revealed in a vision Sun Bear had in the late 1970s. Sun Bear made his transition on June 19, 1992.

Our community gathers around the sacred space created by building a Medicine Wheel. We use the Medicine Wheel as the center and the foundation our work and learn to use the Eight Phases of the Moon.

Robert "Buz" Myers

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