The Healing Wheel

In the Beginning.....

When Buz first started the Healing Wheel, he would incorporate it in to his "On Time" cycles book with a meditation and information that was related to both the astrological part but also other forms of divination (tarot cards, prayers, sabian symbols) and it evolved over the years to what it is now.  Which is what Barbara Douglass does currently.  She has taken on the Healing Wheel and Prayer List with an open heart and unconditional love in keeping our community connected.


The Healing Wheel touches everyone in the entire FPI community every day all year long.  Those who walk the wheel hold all of us in the Light every day, as well as, all world leaders, all trouble spots in the world, and, in fact, all sentient beings, all our relations on Mother Earth.


Currently 22 community members walk the Healing Wheel and daily pray with those requesting prayer. Many are ministers or Reiki Masters and send healing to persons when appropriate. Those who walk the Healing Wheel serve joyfully.  As two mentioned recently, "As a part of the Healing Wheel, it is a joy to know that we had any part in lightening someone's stress or grief."  Another gentle soul who serves views the Healing Wheel as "the connection from our healing group to the community and beyond. We offer service from heart to heart as we send out energy for healing, love and spiritual good will."


In addition to daily prayer and healing service, those who walk the Healing Wheel serve in numerous ways during the Annual Conference, currently held in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. They set up a secred, holy altar, which serves the entire community all week long.  Those attending are welcome to place prayer requests and photos on the altar.  At the close of the conference, various persons who walk  the Healing Wheel take home sacred objects from the altar.  They place the sacred object entrusted to them on their home altars and nurture them all year, returning them to the conference for the next year's altar.


On one of the conference evenings a healing service is held.  Those who walk the Healing Wheel participate as sacred conduits for healing and serve as leaders.


Every day the conference begins with Light Calls, at that time we call in the Divine [or Spirit] and setthe energy for that conference day.  All who join us at the conference are welcome to attend the Light Calls, which is lead by a member of the Healing Wheel.

To Walk the Wheel

For Purpose, Inc. community members who wish to walk the Healing Wheel are invited to request and application by emailing  Each person in the community is welcome to join us in service on the Healing Wheel.

To Make A Prayer Request

Please send an email to and include the following:


  • The first name of the person needing healing or prayers;
  • WHY they need it, i.e. broken left leg.  Do indicate which side, which leg.  If appendicitis, please say appendix.  With cancer, indicate the body parts involved.  If there are emotions involved, please mention that;
  • If there is to be surgery, please indicate the date and time, early morning, late afternoon;
  • Close relatives, such as: wife, Marjory; children, Andy, 10 and Shirley, 15; mom, Helen; dad, Gene.  We will automatically include those who attend to them such as nurses, doctors or caregivers;
  • If a person passed over, please indicate date of transition;
  • If you are unclear about any facts when making the request, sent it anyway.  Please remember to update us when you know the relatives' names or the surgery date;
  • If the request is not for physical prayer, please simply us abundance, healing, peace, relationshops, guidance or illumination as topics.  We do not need the whole story;
  • While your friend or relative might be a wonderful person who loves puppies, teaches Sunday School and was awarded best garden in town, we do not need that information.  Divine already knows the story; 
  • Please include your personal daily prayer times and the daily prayer times of those for whom you are requesting prayer;
  • Mark your calendar two months ahead and update us on their current condition by that time.  Feel free to update us more often, such as when major breakthroughs occur.  We like to know how your loves ones or you fare.  If we do not hear from you, we will assume that all is well and whole after three months and names will be removed from the list.



We pray for the highest and best for all concerned.  Again, we do not pray FOR people, we pray WITH people, so make sure you and your loved ones are praying with us.  We like to know when your daily prayer time is so that we may pray with you at that time.


We are pleased to serve the Divine by servicing your prayer and healing requests and praying with you and your loved ones.  We enfold you with Love and Light and wish you well on your sacred path.

Robert "Buz" Myers

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