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From 1987 through 1991, The Bridge, a corporation founded by Robert 'Buz' Myers, Eric Bloom, Dottie & Bob Santangelo, offered the first 7-day intensive in Hilton Head, SC. A number of present-day community members came from this group. Prue Smith, editor of the first "On Time Newsletter" and editor of Buz' book, Getting on Time with Your Life, was from The Bridge.


In 1992 at the United Astrology Congress in Washington, DC, Buz met Vicki Greene from Virginia Beach, Virginia. Together they formed the For Purpose, Inc. conference as we know it today.


In 1993 the first gathering (The New Phase) was at the Clarion in Virginia Beach and it began with a wedding between two members of our community. We also celebrated the Uranus/Neptune New Phase with the birth of SarahEl, an Angel Doll created by Karen Malfregeot. Participants put their hopes, wishes, dreams and prayers into SarahEl and then offered them all to Spirit.


1994 brought the Angel Babies made by Mary Rose and Becky Huff. These Angel Babies created quite a stir and were temporarily adopted out among the community members. Anna Solomon, one of our family members, gave birth to her son, Benjamin, at the same time as the wedding the year before. This was the Crescent Phase Year.


In 1995, the Phase Groups made a quilt. Becky Huff took it home to be quilted together and she presented the finished quilt to the community in 1996. Pluto left Scorpio and was given a proper burial on the beach. David Mosley gave us our own song, "Become the Deliverer" and the Elder's Wheel was born. This was the First Quarter Phase Year.


1996 was an important year. We began our newsletter edited by David and Sandra Mosley. The Healing Wheel began with Jayma Delaney as facilitator. The first community meeting was held. When Spirit moved Jonnie-Ruth Kuhn, she moved Karen Malfregeot, and they volunteered to help with the 1997 conference, as it moved to Florida for the next year. This was the Gibbous Phase Year. Joe Vaglio, the first Vice-President of FPI, passed on to Spirit.


At the first Full Phase Year in 1997, we moved to Deerfield Beach, Florida. The Business Wheel was begun and community officially stood on its own. Jan Ashton and Buz offered their corporation, For Purpose, Inc., a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization to us and we have been operating under the aegis of this corporation ever since.


1998, the Disseminating Phase Year, was again held at Deerfield Beach, Florida. The Light Calls began. We began the quest for tax exempt status and voted to move back to Virginia Beach, Virginia after two years in Florida. One of our beloved members, Adina Walker, passed on to Spirit.


The Third or Last Quarter Phase in 1999 returned us to Virginia Beach, Virginia and the Surfside Inn. We lost beloved Damien O'Neal in March. Buz brought Reiki to all our members and Arthur Cataldo brought the Amana Huna Healing Technique on to the Wheel.


The Balsamic Phase Year, 2000, brought many changes. Our beloved Buz passed over on March 12, 2000, and we became a community in mourning. At the Balsamic Conference we gathered to reconnect as family. Joey Crinita, a Canadian medium and good friend of Buz, joined us to ease our grief and help us transition to life without Buz as well as another precious member, Ann Cataldo, who died in June of 2000. We obtained our tax exempt status with the help of Michael Delaney in January. Our community, even though heartbroken by the passing of Buz and Ann, voted to continue to the next New Phase.


Likened to the Saturn Return time in our lives, in 2001 we set out into this New Cycle without Buz, the 'Father' of our community. Buz desired that community members take the responsibility to keep the Wheel turning.... And so it is.


The year 2001 was a traumatic year for the whole country, mourning the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks by terrorists. Faithful members joined us as a community to begin a new trip around the Wheel with Joey Crinita as featured speaker. The conference theme was "Bridge to a New Vision." This second New Phase Year saw many changes as we created this second New Cycle. Everyone had an opportunity to create a personal mask, then modeled it before the whole community - a sight to behold!


"Keep the Light Burning" was the theme for the second Crescent Phase Year in 2002. Totems were created as an overall project - a symbol from which to take heart as we struggled as a group to continue as a community and plan our next conference.


"Catch the Dream" was the theme for the 2003 First Quarter Phase conference. Our project was to create Dream Catchers, to catch our hopes and dreams to continue our conference into the next year as well as to support each other as we experienced living in war time. The For Purpose logo was created by Jonnie-Ruth Kuhn, who 'caught her dream' with the design.


In 2004, our theme was "Follow the Moon" for the Gibbous Phase Year. As with any good Gibbous Phase energy, there was a 'wobble' on the Wheel with unforeseen changes in the program. Yet following the moon kept us together while we created pouches as a project and enjoyed the camaraderie of a community that was growing in strength and heart. The Healing Service was established following the guidelines Jonnie-Ruth received from her 'vision'. Ann Bennett, another beloved member of the community and past facilitator, passed into Spirit.


"Grace Full Journey," the theme for the Full Moon Phase conference in 2005, participants took photographs of 'all our relations' at the conference and transferred the photos to Teeshirts or bags. Totems for each of the Phases were created by the facilitators, to be passed on to the succeeding Facilitators as we walked the Wheel into the future. Karen Malfregeot stepped down from co-chairing the Intensive and Charlotte Abell joined Jonnie-Ruth Kuhn in coordinating the conference.


"Sharing Sacred Space," our theme for the 2006 Disseminating Phase Year, tested the metal of several of our community members. Jonnie-Ruth's Florida home burned to the ground in January; Karen Malfregeot, President of FPI, was dealing with family health issues and was not able to attend; Linda Bress, our Vice-President, broke her foot a few days before the conference and couldn't attend; and Yaxki Welker broke her arm while at the conference! The energy from the Healing Service at our Sacred Space extended to all present as well as those of our family that could not attend in person. In keeping with the Feeling/Moving Body of the Disseminating Phase, magnificent rattles were created by participants. Vision Quest was packed into one night and introduced the Heartbeat of the Mother Earth through drumming as part of this sacred sharing time.


The 2007 Third Quarter Phase theme was "The Journey Continues....". The Surfside in Virginia Beach had become a sacred space created by the energy of the family of For Purpose to keep us on our journey into the New Time that was upon us! Everyone created a walking stick to help us on the Journey. We had a fantastic drumming session led by the Facilitators, which spilled out onto the beach on a warm, balmy summer-like evening. Nancy Gardner, while practicing her sword demonstration on the boardwalk, was reported by passers-by for brandishing a dangerous weapon. Police surrounded her, but after hearing her explanation of how she was practicing for her demo later in the week, they wished her well with the advice to "continue practicing safe sword." Outstanding astrologer, Robert Blaschke led our first post-conference workshop, which was quite successful as a fund-raising event. Joey Crinita was not able to attend; however, our dear friend, John Dumas, returned to help create the sacred space that we all enjoyed throughout the conference.


In 2008, the Balsamic Phase Year marked the end of the second fullcycle around the Phase Wheel. "The Next Step" ended the Eight Phases and in true Balsamic fashion, it was a time of endings in preparation for the new beginnings in 2009. Bud Brooksieker, friend of Buz and the community, passes into Spirit in February. Jonnie-Ruth Kuhn, co-coordinator for the conference since 1997, and Charlotte Abell, co-coordinator since 2005, stepped down from heading the intensive and handed the reins into the capable hands of Linda Bress and Joann Shelton-Dood. 2008 was the completion of our second turn around the wheel. Moving us from the 'adult' phase into the 2009 New 'spiritual or elder' phase.


Reflecting on how the community has grown during our second walk around the Wheel from the New Phase in 2001, it was seen that our "Bridge to a New Vision" was being manifested through the efforts of all the participants who have graced our conferences throughout the years. The theme for 2009, "A New Vision", began our third (and spiritual) journey around the Wheel, and brought us new coordinators (Linda Bress and Joann Shelton-Dodd) along with a new professional brochure. This cycle began our new vision in several different ways. This would be the last year for the eight phase facilitators, which were replaced with four Pathway Keepers, a Phase leader and a Clan Mother. This year also featured a psychic fair fundraiser. Howard Hill became our new audio recorder, and he offered us CDs as well as audio tapes. He also surprised the community by showing a collage of past conferences in a slide show presentation. We lost our beloved Bert Farmillo this year, too.


The 2010 conference "Pathways to Spirit" was the beginning of our new format, which included the Four Pathways (North, South, East and West) along with a Phase Leader and a Clan Mother. We walked the medicine Wheel and created Sun Bear rocks as our community project. Featured speakers included Kelley Hunter and Robert Camp. Kelley taught us about the Black Moon and the Lilith Moon, and Robert about the "Destiny Cards". The energy of this year encompassed Mercury and Venus, with Venus connected to beauty and pleasure and Mercury to ideas and expression. With Venus retrograde at this time we were offered a chance to go within and reevaluate our intimacy and trust issues.


The 2011 "Moving with Spirit" conference began on a somber note with the news that our long time and beloved community member, Sally Eylat Smith, passed over to join Buz just before our conference began. Donna Drozda not only gave us a great talk during the week, but also a workshop afterward. Other speakers were outstanding, as was our own favorite musician/composer, Kevin Neidig, whose music never fails to set the tome of the whole gathering. Our creative energies were exercised by making prayer flags under the direction of Jayma Delaney. As usual, the fundraising raffle was a highlight. One of the most memorable events was a costumed astro drama organized by Sandra Mosley, giving us a vivid portrayal of part of the year ahead. Since it was ad libbed, there were some hilarious moments. The costumes, portraying several planets, were quite original.


In 2012, we came together at our "Creating with Spirit" conference. Details to follow.


The 2013 conference "Living in Balance & Harmony with Spirit"......


In 2014, we celebrate "Radiating Wisdom Through Spirit"......

Robert "Buz" Myers

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